Maternity and Pediatrics

Is Prenatal Screening Necessary? Things To Know About Prenatal Screening Tests

What does prenatal screening mean for fetal development? What is the purpose of prenatal screening? When are prenatal screening tests done? Read More

The heel prick test can help early detection and diagnosis of diseases in newborns

The heel prick test is generally performed when a baby is 48 to 72 hours old that helps to identify rare conditions and treatment can start early to care for the child’s healthy growth and development. Read More

Learn About QF-PCR In Prenatal Diagnosis

QF-PCR in prenatal diagnosis plays an important role in diagnosing fetal malformations from the womb with peace of mind for a healthy pregnancy. Read More

What Is Allergy in Children? 5 Common Types of Allergies in Children

A child's allergy is a condition related to the baby's immune system. There are many types of allergies that correspond to different causes and treatments. Read More

Milk Allergy in Babies and What Parents Need to Know

Infant milk allergy is a common condition in young children. So how do I know if my baby is allergic to milk and how to handle it? Let's find out right now. Read More

G6PD Deficiency In Child And Unpredictable Dangers Parents Should Know!

G6PD deficiency in child if not detected and treated in time can easily cause allergies, high fever ... If prolonged leading to jaundice and cerebral palsy. Because parents need to be cautious in the early stages of child. Read More

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