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Are Parasites' Infection Harmful to Human Health?

Parasitic infection is an unrestricted disease at any age. Because Vietnam has a hot and humid climate, sanitation problems in some places are limited and is an ideal condition for infectious parasites. Parasites in the human body can cause harm to the health of infected people. Read More

Some Common Parasitic Diseases in Human, Signs and Symptoms

Parasitic disease in humans affects health, leading to complicated symptoms. Awareness of parasite diseases, knowledge of the signs and symptoms of infection and ways to prevent diseases is the best way to protect yourself and family. Read More

What Does A Kidney Function Test Mean And How Do I Read An Index?

Kidney function tests are one of the methods to help diagnose and detect kidney abnormalities. But many people wonder how many tests need to be done and how to understand the results of the indicators. Read More

Pre-Diabetes - Risk of Switching to Diabetes If Blood Sugar Is Not Controlled Well

Although pre-diabetes is only one form of the disorder and is not considered diabetes. But if the patient does not control blood sugar well and has an active lifestyle, the risk of switching to type 2 diabetes causing many complications is very high. Read More

The Most Recognizable Signs Of Diabetes Help You Actively Protect Your Health

Signs of diabetes manifest like? When there are these signs what to do and how to eat well to control diabetes are the most basic health protection knowledge that everyone should know. Read More

How Do Signs Of Liver Failure Manifest On The Patient's Body?

The signs of liver failure depending on the level of presentation of each stage is a way to alarm your liver is in critical condition that needs prompt treatment. Read More