What Are The Benefits Of Canner Screening?

Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances of successful treatment. Test for early cancer detection is important, being proactive. If cancer is spotted early, it means that treatment is more likely to work and more people survive. Read More

What Does Alpha – Fetoprotein (AFP) Screening Test Mean?

If you are wondering what is AFP screening for liver cancer? And what the results mean. Read the following article to get useful information on this issue. Read More

Why Is Screening for Stomach Cancer Important?

Stomach cancer screening plays an important role in helping patients detect cancer signs early in the early stages. From there, it makes treatment easy and prolongs the life of the patient. Read More

Signs of Bone Cancer You Should Know!

Although bone cancer is a rare but high-risk form of cancer that threatens the patient's life and the rate is increasing due to negative effects and bad habits in daily life. Read More

What Does Ovarian Cancer Marker Test Mean?

The CA 125 Ovarian Cancer marker trial is valuable in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer at early stages. In addition, this is a common test that is repeated many times to monitor the results of the disease. Read More

How Much Does A Cervical Screening Test Cost? When Needs A Cervical Smear Test?

How much does a cervical test cost? This is a common question of many women who want to have cervical tests to screen for cancer and protect their health. Read More

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